Get back to tasting

What do we believe?

Get back to Tasting.

Our taste comes from tasting, and we make what we like. Our inspiration comes from creating, until it’s worth sharing. Our craft comes from doing. Again and again, until it’s worth believing. Our passion comes from friendly folks that care, and that feels good. So raise a glass….and get back to tasting.

Natural Magic

Local lore tells the tale of two mighty bucks, may they rest in peace. According to legend, each met his maker — horns locked in battle — over this fair territory right here. At Double Horn, we happen to agree with both of them. This place is special. Time and attention to the brewer’s art gives us the power to transform pure ingredients into all kinds of special. We make our magic in Marble Falls using pure local waters, the best hops for the job, heaping helpings of time, and an ever-ready sense of adventure.

Good beer. Be good.

Just thinking about beer inspires us to tempt tastebuds of all descriptions. From hunters to hipsters, moms to millennials, and jocks to jackalopes, we’re brewing it all for you. We can’t help but see the funny side of people and life, and we call it like we see it. Did someone mention flatulence? Our Beans Brew is named for our beloved bulldog — because life’s too short to begrudge anyone a bit of irreverence and a great craft beer. Whether you hit the pause button and join us in Marble Falls, savor it on your own front porch, or find us on tap at your local pub, to us it’s friends for life.